What is high frequency?

A non-surgical approach to benefit problematic skin. It improves the overall condition of the skin and acts as a germicidal. 


During High Frequency a current is dispersed directly onto the skin using glass electrodes. The effects are concentrated around the electrode and are superficial but very beneficial to the skin. It provides the skin with oxygen and helps produce more ozone.


High Frequency is suitable for all skin types & can be used to treat a number of different problems.


~ Increases circulation.
~ Improves skin colour.
~ Aids desquamation.
~ Dries the skin helping to heal pustules.
~ Cleansing.
~ Germicidal.
~ Stimulates cell renewal.


~ Acne.
~ Blemishes.
~ Oily.
~ Dull, tired skin.
~ Uneven skin tone.

What is a lash lift?

Wake up & go!!!

A lash lift is low maintenance and can last up to 8 weeks.

It is perfect for everyone; whether your lashes are long, short, straight or curved..

Great for every occasion!

A lash lift helps to enhance the eye and adds definition making your eyes look wider and brighter.

The treatment takes 45 minutes to an hour, giving you the chance to close your eyes, relax and unwind.

We  can include an eyelash tint with your lash lift which helps lashes appear longer by colouring the lash right to the tip (a patch test will be needed to ensure you have no allergic reaction).

We know that you will love it! <3


Swedish Massage is a treatment that was developed in the 1800s- bringing together ancient massage of the East, and more modern techniques of the western world. Techniques were introduced that worked to relax tired and aching muscles whilst encouraging the flow of blood and lymph and enhancing skin tone.

Target specific problem area.

~ Mental well-being and deep relaxation.
~ Relief of pain in achy and tender muscles.
~ Improved blood flow through the body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to pass more freely through the body, allowing the body in general to work more efficiently.
~ Improved lymph flow through the body- the lymphatic system is our body’s own cleaning system, which runs alongside the circulatory system.

Our back, neck and shoulder massage is a fantastic, deeply relaxing treatment and has also been known to be beneficial for reducing symptoms of anxiety, regular headaches, tinnitus, eyestrain, sinusitis, insomnia, migraines and jaw ache. This is an especially good treatment for those who work in offices/at a desk for prolonged periods of time. The treatment aims to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the shoulders, neck and back, by increasing the blood flow to these areas.

Joico K-Pak 4 Step Treatment

Joico K-pak

We love Jocio K-Pak here especially the Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor…

Joico K-pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor is one of the best deep conditioners on the market. In fact, it has been named the “Stylist Choice Awards” – Favorite deep and/or restorative conditioner for 15 years straight! In just 5 minutes, the amino acids rebuild damaged hair and help restore it to its natural state.

Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor is good for hair of all lengths, textures, and thicknesses, and it is really simple to use. Just apply to towel-dried hair and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse and notice the difference. For added effectiveness, you can let sit in your hair for as long as you want. If your hair is extremely damaged, you can keep it in your hair overnight with a shower cap on. A good suggestion I always like to tell clients is to wash your hair in the shower, and then towel-dry and add the Reconstructor. Clip up, and let sit in your hair while you continue everything else you need to do in the shower, trying not to get it wet. When you are done with your shower, rinse and get out. You will love the difference in your hair.

What is microdermabrasion?

A non-surgical approach to skin rejuvenation It improves the overall appearance of the skin giving skin a healthy glow and youthful appearance.

What does microdermabrasion do?

During Microdermabrasion the skin is exfoliated gently to remove the outer layer of old skin cells to reveal new, fresh rejuvenated skin.  The cells are then removed using a vacuum action which stimulates blood flow and the production of collagen and elastin to the treated area. Resulting in firmer, more youthful skin.

Who is microdermabrasion suitable for?

Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types & can be used to treat a number of different problems.

What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

 ~ Skin has a healthy glow.
~ No anaesthetic required.
~ Non-surgical.
~ Painless & safe.
~ 30 mins – 1 hour treatments.
~ Visible results immediately.

What is microdermabrasion used to treat?

~ Acne.
~ Blemishes.
~ Acne scars.
~ Dry skin.
~ Dull, tired skin.
~ Uneven skin tone.
~ Ageing skin.
~ Blackheads.
~ Sun damage.
~ Open pores.
~ Stretch marks.
~ Wrinkles.
~ Pigmentation.
~ Fine lines.

Why is waxing better than shaving?



Waxing removes hair from the root and lasts for weeks. Resulting in smoother softer skin for longer.

Removing the hair from the root, allows the hair to grow back finer. Unlike shaving which results in thicker, darker hair.

Continuously removing the root, weakens it reducing the amount of hair that grows back over time.

Waxing also helps with removing dry dead skin, unlike shaving which can leave skin feeling dry and itchy.

what is the difference between a brazilian and a hollywood wax?

To save confusion here are the differences between the intimate waxing services we offer here at Lavish.

intimate guide.png

**We use a mixture of high quality Hot wax & Strip wax for your added comfort!**

Basic Bikini ~ £18
Anything that pokes out of your bikini.

G String Line / High or Extended  Bikini ~ £20
Anything that pokes out of your bikini & a little bit higher at the front.

Brazilian ~ From £30
Landing strip at front (Everything off underneath & behind).

Bermuda Triangle ~ From £30
Upside down triangle at the front (Everything off underneath & behind).

Hollywood ~ From £30
Everything off (Front, underneath & behind).

There is no right or wrong! What’s your choice?

Click here to book your wax online now. xXx

how do i get rid of ingrown hairs?


The Bump eRaiser range has been designed to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness and bumps for smooth and healthy looking skin following hair removal. Each scientifically formulated product contains an advanced combination of ingredients for a complete, effective solution. Thanks to Bump eRaiser, there is no need to suffer any longer. Be free of ingrown hairs and other problems associated with hair removal forever!

Buy in store for £11.99

find out more:


Remove dead skin by exfoliating every couple of days,  this will allow trapped hairs to grow through.

Avoid wearing tight clothes that will rub the area.