We are proud to add the Alma Soprano Titanium laser hair removal system to our extensive list of treatments.

Soprano Titanium is the latest breakthrough in hair removal: a pain-free, highly effective solution that gets rid of your unwanted hair.

Thanks to Alma’s unique 3D technology and ICE Plus cooling system, you can now get soft, satin skin more quickly and comfortably than ever before.

  • Soprano hair removal solution offers several incredible advantages to other available solutions, due to its unique combination of cutting-edge technologies, extra large applicator and advanced cooling system. These features let you feel fabulous fast – pain free!
  • Soprano combines the three most effective laser wavelengths into a single applicator, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle. This means that different levels within the skin are targeted all at once, leading to a much more effective treatment – and skin that stays hair-free longer.
  •  Forget about pain and discomfort. Soprano includes a breakthrough cooling system, called ICE Plus that has been uniquely designed to keep the skin cool throughout the entire session. Sit back and chill, as your skin becomes smooth and silky.