Swedish Massage is a treatment that was developed in the 1800s- bringing together ancient massage of the East, and more modern techniques of the western world. Techniques were introduced that worked to relax tired and aching muscles whilst encouraging the flow of blood and lymph and enhancing skin tone.

Target specific problem area.

~ Mental well-being and deep relaxation.
~ Relief of pain in achy and tender muscles.
~ Improved blood flow through the body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to pass more freely through the body, allowing the body in general to work more efficiently.
~ Improved lymph flow through the body- the lymphatic system is our body’s own cleaning system, which runs alongside the circulatory system.

Our back, neck and shoulder massage is a fantastic, deeply relaxing treatment and has also been known to be beneficial for reducing symptoms of anxiety, regular headaches, tinnitus, eyestrain, sinusitis, insomnia, migraines and jaw ache. This is an especially good treatment for those who work in offices/at a desk for prolonged periods of time. The treatment aims to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the shoulders, neck and back, by increasing the blood flow to these areas.

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